Daniel Chelos

Daniel Chelos

  • SpecialtyBarber Master
  • Length of Worksince 2022 until now
  • Work PlaceChelos Barber Studio.

About my works

From a small town in the Dominican Republic, Chelo began cutting hair at the age of 17, where he found interest and learn to love the art of cutting hair. In 1990 he graduated from school as a Master Barber, where he gained his Cosmetology licensed and trained in several techniques that he has improved throughout the years.
By 1997 Chelo opened his first barbershop in his hometown, Santiago, DR. In 2005, he moved to Norcross, Georgia to continue his career in the U.S., which he would later accomplish when he opened the doors to his own barbershop in 2012. Now moving forward, he open Chelos Barber Studio in March of 2022 in the Hamilton mill area.

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450+ + Diplomas and awards of our masters
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